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The battle continues daily with hopes that Jordan can bounce back from her illness. We have ruled out cancer, and we have her on a number of different medications to see if we can clear this all up for her.

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Friday, December 10, 2010
Eosinophillic Gastroenteritis

The last few months have been brutal for Jordan, and for Stephen and I. Jordan requires around the clock care right now.

She is still not eating on her own, which means I am having to force feed her every few hours, to ensure she gets enough nutrition so she can start putting some weight back on. She is tolerating it quite well most days, but when she isn't feel great - she let's me know by being VERY difficult. I understand how important food is for her right now, but I refuse to force her into submission to get the food down her throat. She had a bad day earlier this week, but she seems to be coming around again.

It is a difficult situation. Many days she has been full of energy, but since early this week that has seemed to change. Her new medications were started on Tuesday/Wednesday, so we have to let those have a chance to kick in before we have to make a decision about her well being and quality of life.

She is on a number of different medications now. She is being dewormed daily (for five (5) days, then we will repeat again in three (3) weeks), she is on Prednisone and Azathioprine for her immune system, she is on Metronidazole, as an antibiotic, and she has also been prescribed some pain medication in the event we find her painful or uncomfortable. She doesn't appear to be "painful" but the few times we had given her some pain medication she seemed to respond well.

I am force feeding her at least three and a half (3.5) cans of Recovery a day, her goal is four (4) cans daily. I cannot feed her the whole amount all at once, so I am splitting it up throughout the day - this is quite time consuming.

Her illness isn't fatal, but can be a difficult one to treat due to the various causes. Most cases have to do with either food allergies or parasites, so I had submitted a stool sample and am awaiting the results. They are running a comprehensive diarrhea panel to check for some not so common, but entirely possible to catch, parasites. I can only wish it could be as simple as finding a parasite and treating it accordingly... I'll post results as I get them.

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