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Both dogs are doing great. Although they are still hard to separate when they are playing and wrestling with each other, as individuals they are responding quite well. We all had a great weekend, we took Taro on his first adventure away from his brother.

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Monday, May 10, 2010
Eleven Week Old Black Labrador Puppies

We had another awesome weekend. The boys got to go to the tennis court and football field as usual to do some training. They are improving daily on their commands, and they are walking much better on their harness/leash.
They are eleven weeks old now - and growing quickly. I am starting to walk them around the block now, and they are getting better with walking on their leashes. We have met a few more labradors from the same breeder around our neighbourhood which is awesome. They are both making friends like crazy! Taro isn’t as shy as he used to be with other dogs, and he is not shy at all around people or kids, he never was to begin with either.
Speaking of kids, we had the pleasure of seeing Stephen’s nephews again. We left Kratos at home with my mom and dad, while we took Taro with us to visit Stephen’s parents. Of course the kids loved Taro, everyone noticed how much he grew (my in-laws were over last weekend). We went for a walk along a busy road, Taro did well with the traffic, the big trucks startled him in the beginning, but he got over it pretty quickly. We ended up playing in a huge field, the kids took turns with holding the leash and giving him treats. On our way back I could tell Taro was getting tired, so we took his portable kennel inside and I filled it up with some kibbles and toys and set him on the kitchen floor. After drinking a huge bowl of water (he had fully eliminated on his walk) he curled up and went to sleep. The kids were yelling and screaming around the house, we were all talking and enjoying each other’s company and Taro was fast asleep in his kennel.
I was a little worried about taking him with us at first. Even though they go on separate walks and separate teaching sessions, they are in the same house almost all the time. They may be in separate kennels, but they are in the same house and they have NEVER been separated since birth. I thought that maybe Taro would miss Kratos and not settle down. We were prepared for the worst, but he was extremely well behaved. After an hour he woke up, so we went outside for a pee and a little more playtime with the kids.
We were gone for about 5 hours total. And we didn’t have a problem with Taro at all. According to my mom and dad (who I called at least five times) Kratos was fine as well. Although, he spent most of his afternoon outside with my dad, so I don’t know what he would be like if he was kenneled. We decided that on our next outing, we will take Kratos and leave Taro behind.

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