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We are quite lucky to have such nice areas, close by, to take our dogs to during any season. It also appears that EVERYBODY in the area has at least one dog! It’s nice to live and visit areas that are dog friendly. Our little guys will be getting plenty dog socialization in the months to come.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010
Dog Socialization

Now that the puppies are all up to date on their necessary vaccinations, we are able to take them anywhere. Heritage Park, Hayward Lake and Ruskin Picnic Area are the three places they will get to visit frequently the next few months.

Heritage Park is not really an off leash park per se, but it’s a huge field that the dogs are able to run off leash and have fun. This is the perfect place to introduce the puppies to other dogs. We are familiar with some of the dogs and owners there because we used to take our Blue Dog there often. It is full of great dogs and fantastic owners and I know our puppies will be safe there. They have a little pond-like area there that the dogs can cool themselves off in after a hard morning of play if they choose to. We thought this area would be a good place to introduce the puppies to water. It isn’t very deep, but it would be a good introduction to water before taking them to the lake.

Needless to say, they have been having a fantastic time at Heritage. They have been there a few times now and they come home happy and exhausted. I don’t let them stay too long - usually between half hour to forty-five minutes maximum. They have met many dogs, we’ve come across a few puppies as well. They have been put in their place a few times, but it’s all good, that is how it works in the doggy world. We are looking forward to many fun visits, fun visits for all of us.

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