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We are on our fifth day with Taro and Kratos, and I am more than impressed with their progress as well as ours. Raising litter-mates is much harder than I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong though, I am loving every moment of it.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010
Day Five

It hasn’t even been a week yet, but our puppies have settled in quite nicely, along with the other animals in the house. The cats are much more curious, and Jordan is starting to come around the pups a little more.

Our day started at about 7:00am, this is when my husband leaves for work, and the boys went out for their morning business. It was a beautiful morning, and now that they are exploring the backyard, playtime after potty outside is a must before breakfast. I am pretty lax with them out there, I am pretty much there just to make sure they don’t get hurt. After sleeping for that long ( they usually wake me up about 2:30 - 3am for a quick piddle) they are full of energy! And they take that energy out on each other, and on whatever grass we have left back there. A good 30-minute play period with each other usually prepares them for a quick snooze before breakfast, and that snooze gives me MY time to prepare for the rest of the day...mainly to eat breakfast, these two keep me so busy throughout the day, I often forget to eat!

Today was a great day, especially because Jordan wanted to be near the pups when they were outside. She didn’t want to play with them, but she didn’t mind as much when they were running circles around her. The puppies are quite cautious around her, they come close, she growls a little, and they back up and sit. It is amazing to see how they react to her when she growls. She touched noses with Taro today ( I didn’t have the camera) and she was sniffing their rears, which is a good sign for, hopefully, a wonderful relationship between them. I was so excited to see the three of them in the backyard together.

I did a little bit of training with them today. “Come” and “Sit” were the two commands I focussed on. They both did extremely well. While Kratos was sleeping, I took Taro outside to practice his commands. He was eager and willing to learn. I am using their own kibble for treats right now because of the loose stool issue, which is hopefully going to be taken care of tomorrow. I am heading into the office to have their poop looked at.

Even though his attention span is short, Taro did well. While he was playing and running around I would whistle, call his name and say “come” he would trot over and then I would make him “sit” by raising the treat above his nose and give him a treat, followed by lots of praise, and then topped off with another treat. Then I would roll a ball and off he’d go!

Kratos did extremely well also. I didn’t have a lot of time with Kratos by himself today. While we were outside I think Jordan’s bark woke Taro up from his nap. Once he was awake, well you can imagine, he did not want to be inside his kennel. Using the same technique that I used with Taro, Kratos followed direction well. While they were out together, playing and rolling in the dirt, I used the same technique to see if I could get their attention off of each other and onto me. It worked! It didn’t work 100% of the time, but I would say about 90%. I didn’t push it, after all they are still pretty young and I am aware that they think wrestling with each other is much more important. Once I start training them individually and they start responding quicker, I am sure calling them off each other won’t be so difficult.

It was another beautiful day, so they spent a fair bit of time outside. Rogue likes to hang out back there as well, and now that the boys have settled in and are much more confident and comfortable, they are very curious about the cats. Kratos was trying to catch Rogue this afternoon, it was so funny. Rogue of course bolted for the door to head back inside. She gave him a few hisses, but nothing more. Taro doesn’t care too much about the cats, he is very interested in Jordan though. He is also the first dog to get dirty and his energy levels are insane! He kicks up a fuss when it’s kennel time - daily - and the hardest thing for me is to ignore him when he is whining to get out. His barking/whining doesn’t last too long ( thankfully) and he ends up in a deep sleep all the time. He reminds me of those fussy babies that whine and complain before passing out.

Kratos, on the other-hand, is great when it comes to his kennel. As long as he doesn’t have to pee or poop, he will sleep and chew his toys in his kennel and he is content.

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