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Surprisingly enough the weather hasn't been too bad lately. I prefer the cold, crisp and sunny days over the wet and warmer days. Puppies are loving the frozen ground and dirt-sicles!!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010
Crisp, Clear, Cold, Sunny Day.

No matter what mother nature throws at us, we are out everyday! The puppies need exercise daily, and guess who has to take them?!

We usually hit Heritage Park in the mornings, but lately, especially when it's raining, we have had to make alternate plans.

Due to Jordan's health issues and the amount of care she needs, I am not always able to make it to Heritage Park the time all their friends are around. The puppies and I usually go for a long walk around noon, and if it's raining hard, we usually go to the Wetlands. The path at the Wetlands is paved, the puppies stay on leash as well, so they don't get too dirty.

Today was a gorgeous crisp sunny morning. Although we missed our regular crew of dog walkers at Heritage Park, we still went. Met a few new dogs, owners as well, it was fabulous. An advantage about having litter mates is that even if the dog park is empty, they ALWAYS have a blast and tire each other out!

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