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It's been a rough couple of weeks for Jordan and the rest of us. Entertaining labrador litter mates coupled with an insane medication and feeding schedule for Jordan doesn't leave me much time at all!! I am happy to report that she is showing little signs of improvement daily. We know the road ahead is a long one, but she has come this far... there isn't any stopping now.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Christmas Miracle

It has been a while since I have had time to update the site. The puppies are doing well, not growing so much anymore, but they are becoming handsome dogs! We have had a few snowfalls, the last one was a bigger one, and they both had loads of fun playing in it.

Jordan is still with us. We had a quiet Christmas and New Years with her, I think she enjoyed both Stephen and I being home with her during the holidays. We had a couple of close calls with her in the last few weeks, but she has managed to pull through with good spirits. As frustrating as this is, she is showing slight improvements daily, and she is still happy, responsive and alert.

Jordan is on a strict hydrolyzed protein and carbohydrate diet in combination with aggressive medication therapy. It has taken her much longer to respond to the medications than we had anticipated. Her weight is still low, but her appetite is better, and her strength is improving daily. I have been keeping a daily journal/log of her food and medication schedules as well as noting any attitude changes as we begin to taper off some of her medications. Without some type of written log it would be extremely difficult to decide which medications are causing her to feel better or worse.

She is still eating Hill's Prescription Diet z/d. I was having to force feed the canned food, but in the last week or so she has decided that she likes the kibble. This makes things much easier for me not having to force feed her three - four (3-4) cans a day! Jordan doesn't seem to mind the canned force feedings, but for those of you who know the consistency of z/d canned, you can appreciate the difficulty and mess that it can make.

We had started Jordan on a high does of Prednisone (steroid) to get things started, as well as an immuno-supressant called Azathioprine. At the same time, she is also taking an antibiotic/anti-inflammatory Apo-Metronidazole, another antibiotic Tylosin Tartate, a pill to help coat the stomach - Novo-Famotadine, along with a few others to help her gut out. She is still getting a low dose of her appetite stimulant Mirtazapine. She has been receiving Vitamin B injections weekly as well. I was giving her my Vitamin B complex (100mg twice daily) but due to her explosive diarrhea, we were unsure of how much was actually being absorbed and decided that injections might be better at this time.

At this time we are starting to taper her off her aggressive medication therapy. It has been three weeks (3) since her new medications were started. We just did a recheck on her bloods a few days ago and although most levels are relatively similar to her previous results, her liver enzymes are showing some changes - related to the medications more than likely - and she is slightly more anemic. Her attending doctor wants to start decreasing her Prednisone dose as soon as possible, and change a few medications to every other day, instead of daily. I will continue to monitor her daily, and note any changes in behaviour and vital signs. We are keeping in close contact with her doctor - providing updates daily and we will continue to keep her as comfortable and happy as we can.

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