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One of our many visits to Cherry Street school/field. There is a little playground for the kids with a tire tunnel contraption that we were able to get the puppies to crawl into. They had a great time.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010
Cherry Street Field Visit

We have had some fantastic weather lately, and the puppies have been on many great adventures. This school/field is relatively close to our house, and a nice walk for the boys. It has a huge open field, fenced in mostly, and the puppies love running around and chasing each other in it.

Usually when the weather is hot and the puppies are going out for a walk, we spray them with the hose before walking them to keep them cooler, longer and they really seem to appreciate it. We have some great people in the area as well that will offer to wet the puppies for us if they see us walking by. Kratos and Taro have met quite a few people in the neighbourhood so far - some with dogs and some without. They are quite well known around the neighbourhood now, it's great!

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