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The litter mates third (3rd) birthday is on February 21st - I can't believe it! Since bringing the pups home, neither of them have given me a real "scare" - up until yesterday evening..

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Monday, January 21, 2013
Bloat and Dogs

We visited an off leash park in Abbotsford yesterday. We have been here before but some time has passed since our last visit. Aside from the odd "horse poop" nibble ( ew! Gross ) I hadn't noticed Kratos and Taro consuming anything else while we were there. Taro at one point, however, did pick up what resembled a dead bird.. a really dead bird. He left it and carried on after being told a couple of times (naughty dog, I know) then proceeded to get all muddy and dirty! Both of them were running around and having a great time then Taro ran into a wire fence. He ran into it so hard that he yelped quite loudly and ripped the fur above his eye (near his eyebrow) I could tell he was affected by it. Lucky that he didn't actually cut his skin, there was no bleeding. He bounced back rather quickly and carried on his playful ways, being a little more cautious, of course. We turned around to head back to the car, I was worried he would have a headache or something - Stephen was a little worried about his neck/spine. We got home, I cleaned and checked the area out, everything seemed okay, a little swollen, but otherwise fine. He didn't appear to be painful.

A few hours later he started to whine by the back door, we let him out. He just sat out in the cold and whined more. He didn't want to come in, he was acting very strange. My first thought was that his "headache" kicked in. He had rested and now he is feeling the pain. I had Metacam, I wanted to ask my veterinarian if I could give him a dose, but it was expired. I know not to give any human pain medication ( Tylenol, Ibuprofen ) unless directed by a veterinarian. I thought ASA (aspirin) would be okay - short-term - as long as it's dosed correctly by a vet, so Stephen thought he would head out to get some, Taro in tow, while I checked with the Dr. so we could administer him the proper dose, to help alleviate the pain.

They returned, and I noticed right away that he was bloated. His stomach was HUGE. He was uncomfortable, he looked sad, and Stephen mentioned that in the car he was very gassy.
My immediate thought was Bloat ( Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus or "GDV" ). I asked him if Taro was trying to vomit, gagging etc. and he said he heard him once. My heart had pretty much stopped at this point.

Thankfully he didn't keep that up. We watched him closely, he was able to walk around, he was laying in very cold areas. He was very uncomfortable, it was very clear that he was not happy. He was restless all night, we barely slept. Kept him close, watched him. He seemed a little better this morning around 7am - his tail was wagging a bit, his eyes seemed less "sad" - he was still quite bloated though. It wasn't until this afternoon that he started to bark out back and hop around - his tummy is still not right though. Now he is inside, on the couch, sleeping it off, I hope. I'll start him on some bland food soon and see how he does.

Bloat can be very serious and fatal for dogs. It is very important to contact your veterinarian if you suspect your dog is experiencing bloat. It can happen quickly and can become very serious in a matter of hours! I am familiar with the signs and symptoms of "GDV" BUT I still contacted my veterinarian and was ready to take Taro to emergency had his symptoms worsened.

So, what happened to Taro? I really couldn't tell you. My hunch is that it had something to do with the rotting dead bird that I thought he DIDN'T eat.. maybe he did eat some of it before he left it? I guess I'll never know. He is resting much more comfortably now, his stomach isn't back to normal yet, but I think he is on the mend. His head looks pretty good today - doesn't seem to be swollen or painful.
Did him bashing his head have anything to do with his bloated-ness? I doubt it, but it crossed my mind. He still isn't 100% and he might have to visit the Vet Office tomorrow - only time will tell.

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