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We have had some exceptional weather lately. We made a spontaneous trip to Hayward Lake with the puppies, and as usual, they had a blast! On the way out, we saw some deer!!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Black Labrador Puppies Swimming

The puppies are really enjoying their swimming adventures. Switching between Hayward Lake and Ruskin Picnic Area keeps our puppies happy and tired! They are doing much better with their recall, they don't seem as distracted as before.

Kratos loves the water and loves to swim. He plays fetch with his Kong water toy in the water, not so much on land though!

Taro isn't so fond of the water. He can swim great now, he doesn't splash as much as he used to. He doesn't jump in the water like Kratos does. He will get his paws wet, but he would much rather stay on land and play with the other dogs in the sand. We are thinking that perhaps we need to take Taro swimming on his own to get him used to getting into the water.

They had a fabulous time at the Lake, there were so many black dogs this day that is was difficult to find ours at times! Everyone had fun and by the end of the play session they were exhausted.

On the way out we were fortunate enough to see a mother deer and a fawn. We drove as close as we could, without disturbing them and took a few pictures!


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