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Yesterday morning started out pretty gross. There was a toss up between a long walk around the neighbourhood, or a stroll off leash in a nearby park - the park idea was much more appealing. Kratos and Taro called up their buddies and off we went to enjoy the morning.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Black Labrador LitterMates exploring Bateman Park with some K9 buddies!

I discovered this place awhile back - we didn't get around to going there until last week. My mom came for a visit, so we took the dogs to a new place Bateman Park in Abbotsford BC.

I knew there was an off leash "section" for the dogs - I was surprised to see a paved trail, a fresh water creek and a few fields for the dogs to play in.

The off leash section is the trail and the creek and it runs along the back of the park. It's not fenced, so it's extremely important for verbal compliance with your dog(s). It is also in a quiet area, no real "traffic".

The boys had fun guiding their buddies around the park - the other dogs had a great time. There was long grass in the field that the dogs chased each other around in, we spent a few minutes watching and laughing at them running in circles playing tag.

This park isn't huge, and the trail isn't difficult at all - it is a nice "walk in the park" with dogs off leash! The best part is when its wet and muddy, the creek plays a huge role in keeping dirt and mud off the dogs ( if your dog likes water). I usually run them through the water when we are about to head out, and through the nice lush grass in the field before heading back to the car!

It's a nice walk for sure and the dogs love it! We will visit often.

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