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It is like Christmas everyday here at home - the home of healthy nutritious wholesome goodness. There is nothing like the smell of sweet apples and cinnamon, or peanut butter and banana scent in our warm and cozy house. The dogs have learned to control their drooling (ha ha) they love their fresh BrainyCakes Treats.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Black Labrador LitterMates and Home-Made Treats

I have not bought store treats in a very long time. I have tried a few "all natural" treats but could they really be all natural if they are ale to sit on pet store shelves THAT long? Made me wonder.

I bake my own treats for Kratos and Taro - and many of their friends too! I started BrainyCakes Dog Barkery in February 2011, shortly after Jordan passed away, and registered it in July 2011 when other people started inquiring about these awesome home-made snacks. I am proud to be able to provide a variety of treats to the dogs in our area and we are expanding to other areas of the lower mainland now and it is exciting!

I have created a Brainy " Trainy" Bites line of treats - these treats are designed for both puppies and adult dogs as positive reinforcement snacks while training ( whether is be basic training or trick training ). I created these with the Kong Wobbler in mind as well. I didn't want to use kibble - so I used my Brainy " Trainy" Bites to fill up each Kong Wobbler for the boys. Worked awesomely!

Once Kratos and Taro were trained with basic obedience in and around the house, I wanted to be sure that when I took them outdoors they would listen and perform their commands just as well. I started using meat treats in the outside world - chicken to start. This "distraction training" was a breeze with the right reward. Results were quick - the boys LOVED to come when they were called, especially for a peice of chicken! They would race back and sit waiting for their praise and then food reward. Simple. This is when I decided to create some meat treats - especially for some of the more picky dogs. Now we have dehydrated Beef Bites and Dehydrated Lamb Bites ( some breeds are more susceptible to chicken and beef allergies ie. Bully Breeds ) as well as our very first magic meat treat creation Brainy "Trainy" Liver Bites made from chicken liver, Apple, egg and sage.

What we put in our dogs is what we can expect to get out of them. This is one of the main reasons I choose organic fruits and hormone and antibiotic free meats. I believe in supporting local farms and markets, so you can be sure that these meats are sourced and raised locally. I have found a local BC organic apple supplier! Although I strive to find local produce, there are certain fruits and veggies that aren't local but are still Organic/Certified Organic. I use a local grain supplier for my flours/grains - those are also certified organic. Last summer I came across a local organic farm in Chilliwack - super excited to visit them this year again. You get the idea - only the best ingredients are used in all of BrainyCakes Treats.

So, why organic for the dogs? Well, it's healthier, it's better for the environment, it supports local suppliers and manufacturers and it makes it easier for me to share snacks with them. Ew, you say? Nothing EW about it. With the exception of the liver treats (and yes! I tried them ONCE) I enjoy sharing these snacks with the boys. One of the easiest ways to establish pack senority is to eat before your dogs, in front of your dogs. As puppies, and I still practice this now, I ALWAYS make a habit of eating something before feeding the dogs a meal or handful of treats. They see me eating and they understand to wait patiently and they will also get something tasty from me. It's great. Another reason for using organic is so I can keep the peel on. When you spray with pesticides where do you think the chemicals go? They soak through the skin or stay on the surface.. YUCK. Most peels contain some of the most important nutrients and I want those nutrients for me and my dogs!

So ignore the comments " organic produce is over priced " because really it is not. Buying local organic cuts transportation costs ( less fuel, less pollution ) and take a look at your local markets and farms - although it may not be CERTIFIED ORGANIC or ORGANIC look for "no spray"! Happy Eating. Until next time!!

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