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Our black labrador litter mates aren't so little anymore! They are growing fast. They are a little over seven (7) months now, and weigh in over sixty (60) pounds. They are great little companions, and they each make an awesome pillow!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010
Black Labrador Litter Mates Socializing

Heritage Park is by far the best place for doggy socializing. I am so fortunate to live in a city that is dog friendly. There is a group of people, with one or more dogs, that meet up daily (mostly) in the mornings and Taro and Kratos have become part of that family.

We have been taking our labrador puppies there since their last set of vaccines - so for about four (4) months now. I owe it to the Heritage Park Puppies for teaching my black labrador litter mates how to have fun off leash.

Not only do they have fun off leash, but its a good opportunity to reinforce such commands like "come" and "off", "let's go" "leash up" and the like. I was even able to train Taro to stop chasing bikes and joggers - for the most part.

Not only is there a big field to play in, surrounding this area are trails too!
I like these trails for now because the drop off's are not so steep. Our black lab puppies like to chase each other, and often they end up rolling around. I am trying to train them how to walk off leash through narrow trails now, so that by next spring/summer we can try some of the longer more steep hikes. The first one I have in mind is Hayward Lake Reservoir Trail.

When we make it out to the puppy park, the boys usually spend about an hour or two socializing. I was informed recently that the area we walk around is about one (1) kilometer, we walk between four (4) to six (6) times around (usually) before heading home.

From our house, the park is about two (2) kilometers down. We were driving the puppies there and back, but soon I think they can handle the walk there, a few laps, then the walk back. The walk up Stave Lake Road is steep, so as puppies we didn't want to over tire them.

It's October now and we are lucky to have some great weather. Can't wait until the snow starts!

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