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It it most unfortunate that it snows at night or overnight. It is very difficult to get pictures and videos at 2:30am!! You guessed it, we were out at 2:30am enjoying the snow as dumped down on us.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012
Black Labrador Litter Mates Enjoy the Snow

Don't get too excited - we didn't get THAT much snow. But it was enough to play in and enjoy and most importantly, I received MY snow fix!

We went to Heritage Park - walked through the trail a little. We saw an amazing amount of broken branches and uprooted trees, but the quiet, blanket of white crispness was beautiful!

All of us had a great time, Kratos and Taro ran around and chased snowballs. We went for a couple laps around Heritage Park, it was nice to see all the dogs running around enjoying the snow. The video featured is actually a video from this morning (Sunday). We still have plenty playable snow in the backyard! Forecast calls for more flurries all week - I am hoping for a HUGE snowfall!

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Black Labrador LitterMates Enjoying the Snow

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