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The snow has since melted and pools of water are forming! This wouldn't be so fascinating except that Kratos adores laying and playing in puddles - MUD PUDDLES!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Black Labrador Kratos LOVES Mud Puddles

These particular pictures were taken before the snowfall - but you can see how much our adorable Kratos enjoys his mud treatment.

Thinking back, I think he got used to laying in the water during the summer while he was playing fetch. He is a true retriever - he loves the game of fetch! At Bateman Park in Abbotsford, there is running water through the trail in which he dips himself in after a few minutes of fetching to keep cool - this is how I think he got used to the idea of laying in water. It is unfortunate that he can't tell the difference between muddy water and clean, fresh and clear running water. Nor does he care if it's summer or winter apparently!

I don't even try to stop him - he enjoys it that much. I ensure that there is a clean body of water close by that he can swim in after his mud treatment to make the cleaning procedure when I get home a little easier. The things we let our dogs do to keep them happy *sigh*

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