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Yesterday I heard some commotion in the living room - looked as if the puppies were wrestling/playing in the house! Heard a few bangs and crashes - nothing seemed disturbed. We found a bunch of water on the floor under the glass table ( the cats have a "glass" to drink out of ) which makes me think that perhaps that is where he got his owiee =(

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Monday, August 29, 2011
Black Labrador and his Mystery Wound

The boys are pretty rough with one another - it hasn't ever escalated into anything serious - but they sound like bears when they play!

We found some blood smears on the floor - very little - we actually thought it may have been one of the cats. I examined Taro first, he had a little scrape (fresh) on one of his back legs and we automatically thought we found the source. A little while later I noticed Kratos paying particularly close attention to his back left leg - went to take a peek, and much to my surprise found his laceration. Not a bad sized one either, if I might add.

It didn't bother him at all when I touched it, examined all around it and pressed it. It wasn't bleeding at all, even after all that poking and prodding. I realized it looks worse than it is, so I decided to clean it up and bandage it, give it a few days of TLC and give it a chance to heal up.

I don't have a full first aid kit for the boys yet - it is on my things to do list - but I do have some basic materials needed in the event of a non-life threatening cut/scrape. Our old dog Blue regularly had cuts and scrapes that we took care of at home - so I am very familiar with bandage material and how to use it. Not to mention working at a vet clinic for several years - you learn how to use gauze and bandage material rather quickly.

I am going to keep an eye on it for the next few days - as long as there is no swelling or other significant changes to the area I won't need to see the vet just yet! I'll keep you updated!

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