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The weather has changed drastically, and the our puppies energy levels have not. They are still very active, and if that activeness or boredom is not dealt with, this house could loose its roof!

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Friday, November 19, 2010
Bad Weather, Active Puppies.

It is more than halfway through November and the weather is becoming a pain! Very unlikely to get a warm day now, and even more unlikely to get a day without rain.

I try ever so hard to take them out when the rain stops, or at least lets up. Some days it doesn't stop raining, and that is unfortunate, because I still have to take them out.

Yesterday we went out for a walk in the morning, and then to the Silverdale Wetlands in the afternoon. It wasn't raining, but it was VERY windy. The walk around the Wetlands isn't very long, so we usually go around twice or three times. Yesterday we went around twice, my ears were getting cold!

At the Wetlands it's paved and dogs have to stay on the leash in order to protect and not disturb the wildlife. This is great for me because they don't get ultra dirty there, and they learn that they don't always get off leash time daily.

I am still trying to maintain our minimum twice daily outings, but there are some days that I can manage one good solid walk or play session off leash a day. For the days that I am not able to take them out twice, we train at home and out back. They also get to run around the backyard as long as they like - I am trying to encourage "fetch" now. I will begin to teach them down our hallway.

Some might be asking why I waited this long.. well it is simple. We were told not to let them run hard until they were close to a year old. Well they are almost nine months now, what better time to teach them fetch, right? Soon they will be able to play with the chuck-it =)

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