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As puppies, Kratos and Taro were exposed to various "common noises/sounds" to help desensitize them to noises such as fireworks and thunder. Who knew that Taro would have anxiety issues ( or at least what I think is anxiety ) around the "chirping" crosswalk street lights!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011
Anxiety Issues?

In the next week I will start his "desensitization therapy". I will start the process at home - I have recorded the "chirp" that he reacts too and will play it while we engage is fun activities ( around the house ) and also when he is eating.

I also ordered a pheromone spray (Dog Appeasing Pheromone or D.A.P.) to spray on his collar to hopefully help with his anxiety. The pheromone is supposed to replicate the pheromone that is secreted by female dogs for her nursing puppies. This "appeasement " pheromone is supposed to help reduce, and hopefully eliminate stress/anxiety issues in dogs of all ages.

He is a hyper dog to begin with ( very much opposite of his brother ) so I will take ANY relief I can get for him. He also gets a little "anxious" when we are leash walking and dogs are barking and running in a yard ( privacy fence ) that he cannot see. The latter is much easier to "correct" but the chirping is rather difficult.. and once he is "wound up" it becomes very frustrating for not just me, his brother as well.

I'll try to update daily on his progress. Wish us luck!!

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