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We went for a visit 2 days ago, i know. But we just had to go again. Our last visit with the puppies went awesome of course, but the puppies were pretty sleepy. They weren’t as active as we thought they would be. Today, however, totally different story. We walked in to where they are staying and they were all running around like crazy!!

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Monday, March 29, 2010
Another Visit

We walked into the area where the puppies are and they were running around like CRAZY! Running around, making cute puppy noises, and trying to bark. They were much more active. This is what I imagined five week old puppies are supposed to be. There were two young girls visiting with the puppies as well. They were in the pen with them when we got there, and the puppies were tugging at their pants and shoes. We were able to find our boys, and of course immediately scooped them up for a cuddle. We introduced them to my Dad, who we took with us today, and he was pretty excited as well. We stayed for quite awhile, it was a great visit today.
It was awesome to see them so active and so interactive. We snapped a few pictures ( of course). Thursday is our next visit, then its the long weekend!

Oh by the way, that little female pup with the attitude, yeah she is still feisty. She was ripping around the pen, and she was barking away. She continued to chew on ears and legs. She is adorable. The breeder was telling us that she has such an attitude, that when she (breeder) is sitting in the pen with them and cuddling them all, the pup would go and sit in the opposite corner and glare at her as if she was saying “ get out of my space”. Also she was saying that the pup would chase and growl at the broom and try to grab the dust=pan while she is cleaning out the pen. I thought that was awesome! I think she’ll be trouble :)
12 MORE DAYS UNTIL WE BRING THEM HOME.. I can’t wait and I miss them already.

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