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Another fun day in the snow with Taro and Kratos. Crazy winds coupled with blowing snow made for an interesting adventure. We made sure to bundle up.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Another Snowy Day for Black Labrador Litter Mates

We had another excellent day frolicking in Heritage Park. We are currently in blizzard like conditions here in the Fraser Valley. High winds and blowing snow may not be ideal driving conditions, but it's ideal walking and playing conditions no doubt!

Some of the water pools in and around Heritage Park were frozen. Taro tried to walk across the frozen water at one point and failed miserably. He fell in, eventually got out and shook it off as if nothing happened. Play resumed quite quickly - he was fine. He did have little icicles around his tail and back area (that's how cold it was).

Walking under the creaking tree branches and waving tree tops was a little scary - there are a number of broken branches and fallen trees throughout the trails. I am expecting to come across many more fallen branches and trees tomorrow - it is a windy, windy day!

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