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It has been a quiet couple of days around here since Jordan's passing. I wasn't convinced that the puppies would care too much about her not being around, but they definitely miss her, and so do I.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011
And Then There Were Two

The only thing that made Monday better was the fact that there was snow to play with. The puppies have been quite quiet the last couple days, it's clear that they miss their sister Jordan. I didn't think they would care whether she was here or not, but I guess they do. They are still acting like hellions - eating and playing normally, but they are unusually quiet inside the house lately. They are also trying to sleep on all her blankets.. cute but sad at the same time.

We still have some snow on the ground, and much more to come in the next few days according to Environment Canada. Our puppies LOVE the snow, and Kratos is now chasing snowballs! Jordan taught him that =)

I should be able to take many more pictures in the next few days of the puppies playing in the snow - can't wait!!!

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