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My cousin's girlfriend told me about this area. She hadn't been here before, so we agreed to meet there Saturday afternoon. Taro and Kratos hadn't met Marlon yet, so it was going to be interesting to see how Marlon reacts to them.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010
An afternoon at White Rock Beach

This is by far the biggest off leash area near water around! It was full of dogs, they were running free and happy. Taro and Kratos were off leash, and Stephen and I kept a close eye on them, but they stuck close and listened every time we asked them to come.

They had a blast here with Marlon. Marlon did not like them very much, he was barking at them a lot, but they got along fine, no bloodshed. They met many many dogs, we came across Lucy (who is the same age as the puppies) and they all played well together. Kratos went into the ocean to swim a little, I don`t think he liked the waves too much, he seemed annoyed by it. Taro swam a little, he enjoys splashing around in the water, not so much swimming in it.

I know that there are a few off leash dog areas at Crescent Beach, but was not aware of the are at White Rock. It is at the east end of the strip, behind the Washington Grill Restaurant. It`s huge too!

Marlon kept swimming back and forth, the puppies tried to bother him many times, but he would just keep swimming. Taro and Kratos had lots of fun, and lots of exercise along with plenty of socialization.

We will definitely head back to this park before the summer ends.

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