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We decided to take the puppies out to the Abbotsford International Airshow. We didn't have tickets, but we thought we'd try to find a place in the shade to sit back and enjoy the show with our puppies.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Abbotsford International Airshow 2010

It was a beautiful weekend for the Abbotsford International Airshow. We were in the area the day before with the puppies, but were not prepared for such hot temperatures to park along the road and watch some of the show. It was then, that we decided to go a little earlier on Sunday to hopefully find a shady area, so that we could all be comfortable.

We took one of the Noz2Noz Portable kennels with us to set up for the puppies, to make them feel a little more comfortable. This would be the first outing with them that requires them to be patient for a few hours. We knew it was going to be loud, and perhaps a little scary for the puppies at first, so we were prepared to take them home if need be.

We didn't take them anywhere in the morning so I was a little scared that they were going to act up having to sit in a small area, leashed, for a long period of time. They were fantastic!

We were there for a couple hours, a few planes were VERY loud. Kratos didn't seem to be bothered, Taro was a little nervous. Each time he looked scared or worried I gave him a few pieces of his kibble to associate the loud noise with something fun and tasty. It worked well. He wasn't even slightly bothered by the noise after a few rounds. Our puppies are generally not scared of loud noises. We had exposed them to a number of different noises as they were growing up with us. Noises like sirens, thunder, fireworks, banging, along with heavy rain and wind. Our beloved Blue Dog was terrified of thunder and fireworks, and it was always such a terrible experience and so hard on him, that we didn`t want that to happen to Taro and Kratos. Of course, the airshow, being right underneath the planes, was an exception. Taro and Kratos eventually ended up laying down and even napping while we watched the show. We were very proud of them!

The moment I put a sheet into their kennel, Taro hopped in and got comfortable, once he got out Kratos decided it was his turn. We didn't have to leave when we did, but we thought a few hours was enough for their first time out like this, besides the sun was moving into our shaded area, and our puppies do not do well in direct sunlight

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