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Day Four (4) and his wound is healing well. Luckily most days have been dry - yesterday morning was a little wet - plastic wrap on the foot!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
A Bandage Experiment

You try telling Kratos to "take it easy" this guy is full of beans! Trying to keep this dog quiet is extremely difficult especially seeing that the foot wound doesn't bother him in the least! Due to the wetness outside I had to create a dressing that would A) last outside B) keep water out and C) keep Taro from pulling it off! SUCCESS!

I bandaged his foot like I usually do gauze, gauze wrap, cotton padding stuff that sticks to itself to hold it all in place - but before the last wrapping (vet wrap) I grabbed a plastic sandwich bag ( baggie ) a few of them actually, used it like a sock, then vet wrapped it into place! BRILLIANT!

This won't work too well on cement I don't think - maybe a thicker bag? I remember at the clinic we re-used the I.V. Bags. That is a pretty brilliant idea as well.

Here are the pictures! Click on them to enjoy the full version.
(click the top pic first)

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